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Networking, Why its important

Depending what side of the fence you are on – recruiter, corporate honcho or job seeker – you have different perspectives about what everyone should bring to the table in the hiring process. Recruiters want candidates quick, and for them to glide with ease through the hiring process. They also want managers to respond quickly. Managers (AKA honchos) want everything 3 days faster than it is today, and job seekers want to either find their next landing spot or obtain employment ASAP.

Yet, each of them follows a different path of getting there. What if we combined wonder-twin forces, and all realized the power of our NETWORKING capabilities? Are recruiters asking everyone they know for referrals (after they’ve built the relationship of course, otherwise they just look like candidate hoarders), are managers asking new hires if they think former co-workers might be a good fit in the organization, then passing any leads they get to the recruiting team? And are job seekers following the “pay-it-forward” mentality of passing along good opportunities to friends and colleagues about an opportunity that sounds good but isn’t for them? What if all of those cylinders were firing in unison? Would we see drastic reductions in cycle time? Maybe. Referrals are always about quality, not quantity.

But herein lies the dichotomy – if we are all working off of the same mindset of networking with those who are in front of us, and who we know from past lives, we’ll build quantity, which by law of averages should bring some quality with it. Yes, I know there will be those who want to fillet me for asking for quantity and expecting quality, but if you don’t cast a wide net, you’ll catch less – simple math. And recruiters need to drive activity. Job Seekers need to promote themselves, and managers needs quality employees to fill critical roles.

We should all be using whatever tools are available to us in order to network for our openings, our team or our next gig. Do that, and life becomes exponentially more simple. The technology is there, and it’s user-friendly. We can never get away from the personal touch, but combine all your resources and you’ll see the results.

The world of work and how people get work and employees is increasingly becoming less about what sites you know, and more about who you know in the places you want to go.

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2009 – Whew, I am EXHAUSTED

Quite a year. Quite a decade, come to think of it. I’ve had some time to reflect recently on the last year, and also the last decade – Having to drive up and down the eastern seaboard does that do a man. I’ve come to know quite a bit in the last decade, my first one in the recruiting industry. But first, the year in review:

  • Changing jobs is never going to be easy. No matter how many times I’ve done it, or will do it going forward, its never easy. It might be right, but never easy.
  • 2009 was the year Social Media truly crossed over into acceptance. You know why? Data. And data doesn’t lie. It also helps you to get budget money.
  • There is a balance for work life and personal life. I’m not sure I’ve found the crux of said balance, but I got much closer this year.

All in all 2009 was a good year, per se. Hey, I’ve had worse. But raising a 16 month old, trying to be a good dad and husband, all while working, and doing all the things that life entails is truly exhaustive.

From the rest of the 00’s, or whatever the hell we’re calling this decade, I learned/determined, or was otherwise informed:

  • Recruiting without passion for it, is just not the same. I’ve seen great passion and great lack thereof. Great passion wins out every time, and makes more money.
  • The best recruiting bosses, are the ones who have been recruiters. Those that have not, well,……you know.
  • Social Media changed the way I do my job, the way I approached it, and grew my love for it. Calling resumes and scouring Monster, CareerBuilder, and the like, would have driven me out a long time ago.
  • This is a people business – if you can’t work with people, get out now. You don’t have to LOVE people, but you need to be able to sell, relate and empathize – everyday.
  • Be curious. No one is asking you to be a generalist, but know how all the pieces move together. With that, comes respect from others.
  • Let your career take you. It’s an exponentially more fun ride, that forcing everything.
  • Find a mentor. Be a mentor. Both help you to be your best, and having one helps you find the joy in the darkest of recruiting days.
  • Speaking of dark days – this profession is the worlds wildest roller coaster. The highs are high, and the downs are as low as you can imagine. Just remember at each end, it always shifts back and forth.

The best advice anyone gave me? Two pearls of wisdom:
“Remember, you are dealing with people, its the most unpredictable commodity in the world.”

“Treat people as though you were sitting on that side of the phone, because one day you just may be.”

Cheers in the New Year all. Do what you love, and do it well.

Twas a wild and wacky decade

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