I’ve been in the talent acquisition industry since 2000, with experience in HS1-2017.jpgboth agency and corporate settings. My passions have always stretched across the spectrum of talent acquisition, to include recruitment and sourcing,  recruitment operations, employment branding, and the training and mentoring of recruiters. That last part is a personal favorite.

I’m currently a Senior Leadership Sourcer at Datadog. Over the course of my career, I have worked for well-known organizations such as Amazon, MicroStrategy, comScore, LivingSocial, and NPR. In addition to recruiting sought-after candidates both in the U.S. and internationally, I’ve been fortunate to have developed successful recruitment frameworks, recruitment processes and procedures, and enhancements to the candidate experience to enhance employer brand. Additionally, I’ve spent considerable time with building and implementing recruitment systems, including vendor selection. I’ve created and delivered numerous  trainings for corporate and staffing agency clients looking to boost the skills of their teams over the years.

Being part of the local recruiting community in DC has always been important to me. From 2010 to 2017, I held several positions as a member of the board of directors for recruitDCI’m fortunate to have been given the opportunity to speak  conferences such as SourceCon, HRTX and RecruitDC across my career.

I’m originally from New York, and in my spare time, I’m a loyal, if not cynical, sports fan. I also love being a youth sports coach, and am an aspiring hack guitarist, as well as a pizza and bagel snob.

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