Recruiters: Helping Out Our Own

As an active member of the recruitDC community, I’ve built some very strong relationships, both professionally and personally with other recruiters. I’m really grateful for these relationships, because it’s always good to have others looking out for you. One of the benefits of being so deeply immersed in a community like this is that,  when needed, we are able to band together to support someone in need. One such example is Sean Lyons.

Read below for more information, and visit the donation site to help make a lasting difference for his family.

excerpt from the site:

Sean Lyons passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on March 9, 2014 at the age of 43. He was beloved by his friends and family and is survived by his wife Christine, their 11 month old son Sean Freddie and baby due in August. It is impossible to overstate the grieving and feelings of loss that his beautiful family has experienced.

Sean was one of the most loyal, caring, considerate recruiters in the DC area and we all miss him. Recruiters look out for fellow recruiters and we have the chance to come together as a community and support his family.

All of the funds raised will go directly to Sean’s wife and children. Thank you for your support.

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