No LinkedIn profile? How will I find you??

I’ve always been a bit perplexed when I talk to a candidate and I look for them on LinkedIn for some additional info, like recommendations, what groups are they a part of, (especially important for technical candidates, IMO), and can’t seem to find them. I’ve actually gone so far as to ask some people if they have one, and never cease to be floored when the answer is “No, what is LinkedIn?”

LinkedIn, for several years now has slowly started to become the digital business card of professionals. It acts as a forum to network, to job hunt, to showcase your skills and abilities, and after all, it’s not Facebook, so you are representing your professional side.

The real kicker for most recruiters, is that how these candidates can send resumes with the buzz phrases “technically savvy”, “bleeding edge” and so on, yet not have one of most simple career management/professional networking tools out there, in their arsenal. I think the most frustrating of the “Un-Linked” are the recruiters. When an agency calls me, and the sales rep, etc. does not have a profile on LinkedIn, then there is truly something wrong, and I make no bones about letting them know that this is a hit to their “cred” with me.

In the end, the world has changed. The game has changed. People want to be able to search for and get a feel for you beyond your resume. And at the end of the day, your LinkedIn profile says alot about you. Not having one, now that speaks volumes, and not the kind you want it to speak.

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5 Comments on “No LinkedIn profile? How will I find you??

  1. True story. Just interviewed an applicant for an Online Marketing Manager role who did not have a LinkedIn profile. Seriously? Maybe for other roles its not a deal killer, but Online Marketing???


    • It is part of your job, and it should be a top priority. You wouldn’t peddle yourself as a Graphic Designer without a portfolio, right? 🙂


    • Seems like organizations will almost have to take some stance on social media for employees in the near future.

      Was talking last week with a good friend who works for a three letter agency within the Federal Government. Although they’ve stopped short of mandating a No Social Media policy, they advise heavily against their colleagues having Facebook and social media profiles. Makes sense given their line of work.

      In general though, I think companies that embrace social media for their employees with outpace those who try to squash it.


  2. I was just talking to someone about this the other day. If it is relevant to the industry you are in, then by all means it should (and likely WILL) be a requirement. Companies will likely have to be careful, and be sure to justify the “why” as always.


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